About us. We are an association of professional business psychologists that work together to deliver the required project. We are all at least Masters educated and have multiple years of senior industry experience. The arrangement allows us to deliver complex projects in a cost effective manner. We can deliver large scale and time sensitive projects across industry and geography.

Larry MayersAbout the founder. Larry is a registered Industrial Psychologist. He has a Masters degree in Industrial psychology; additionally he has graduate and undergraduate training covering organisational psychology, counselling psychology, sociology and economics. He can draw on his personal experience of career transition, working across functions, in different cultures and across organisation type. He has gained experience in customer facing organisations where he put his Hotel Management Diploma to the test. Recently, he has contributed as a director at a leading global consultancy. There he gained extensive experience in Executive Coaching, Leadership Profiling, Talent Management and Leadership Due Diligence. He worked on an Individual Level and with Executive Teams to deliver organisational success. Additionally he has a wealth of broad business experience, from customer contact centres, marketing and strategy consulting.
In order to service a wider range of clients, including those who do not have English as a working language, we have teamed up with Ottmann Global Partners.

We have diverse experience including, Financial Services, Oil and Gas, FMCGs, Pharma, Commercial Aviation and Professional Services.

What experience can you expect from working alongside us?

We work with you. Working together, developing solutions in a collaborative manner, not only allows for the creation of shared solutions and deep common understanding of the way forward, but also, allows for the development of initiatives which synthesise your understanding of your organisation and our understanding of organisations and individual development. The best of both worlds.

We develop customised solutions. Just as each organisation is different, so should each intervention be different. Together we’ll look into the context, the people and the market to develop a way forward that works out best. Budget, time and speed will all be incorporated to ensure you get the most appropriate solution given your organisational context.

We offer insight. Core to our work is the development of insight into individuals, teams and organisational cultures. We leverage our experience, the breadth of our professional work, across geographies, levels and industry types. We know what differentiates “good” from “great” and how to make this transition.