article-talentA relatively new area of focus in organisational development, talent is an essential component in ensuring the correct skills are in place in the future to meet strategic goals. The challenge is to balance organisational realities, budgetary constraints and the unpredictability of people in a long term thinking approach. Additionally, the process needs to provide the organisation with insight and information and inspire and motivate the people involved. It is, therefore, essential that the process goes beyond a ‘numbers game’ and connects with peoples’ sense of motivation and purpose. Likewise, it is important to take career paths and the changing needs of individuals into account. It is therefore by definition a long term, cultural process.

Larry has specific and in-depth experience in the development of such programmes in both the industrialised economies and the emerging markets. Examples of such work include building a pan African Talent pipeline that looks across markets and ensures succession plans are in place for the longer term. This gives organisations the confidence to build for the future with the comfort that they will have the human resources to deliver the results.