article-teamsOften a forgotten element of development in organisations is how the interactions and synergies of the skills and attributes of the top leaders play out. Leveraging on the depth of individual insight, we help team members connect with each others, understand each other’s styles and ways of working to create a more harmonious and effective team. A variety of exercises and discussion techniques will help team members get to know each other better on a more fundamental level, thereby reducing assumptions. The surfacing of difficulties and past conjectures will also clear the way to more collegiate working relationships.

Although the method of achieving the above will be dependent on the circumstances, a possible framework may include a number of individual sessions, a team effectiveness survey before a joint event over period of time. It is frequently useful to hold the joint event over a number of days at a residential location away from the office to explore ideas and re-connect in neutral settings as creative thinking and personal interaction can be facilitated by new environments.