Assessment Centres

article-assessment-centresGroup level assessment and development is a valuable way to observe how individuals work under pressure and amongst peers. We have a strong track record of designing and delivering thought-provoking and powerful assessment and development centres for a wide range of organisations. We have extensive experience in doing so across cultural and linguistic boundaries which help create a shared sense of purpose in multi-location organisations, even across distance and culture.

We work with each client to develop and run a centre that fits the needs and context of the organisation and the level to which it is targeted. We seek to reflect the reality of what is needed and what the future strategy requires.

We make use of a variety of exercises, interviews, simulations and psychometrics to profile capabilities and help delegates develop self-insight into their learning requirements. Often, we use of a mixture of trained external individuals supported by internal resources to maximise both the learning experience and to cross validate judgements in an organisationally grounded manner.