Organisational development

article-org-devTeam based interventions can reflect the organisational experience of people effectively. The addition of others, helps both with providing insight into how people work together and can help create a culture of working together and shared experience. Read more

Development Centres – We work with teams to help them get the most out of the various individuals so that they together, can contribute more than the sum of the parts. This includes creating positive performing team culture, helping team members understand the impact they exert, as well as how they can develop to deliver organisational strategy.

Assessment Centres – small group assessment centres can offer the same rigour as individual assessments, with the added benefit of shared experience, work simulations and team insights. They can also lead to shared insight into the capability journey required and thus create a sense of common learning and purpose. Read more

Talent management – the alignment of talent and talent strategies with organisational strategies and growth is becoming a feature of large scale organisations and multi-sited companies. Ever more important in situations where talent is scarce, or there is competition for limited talent. We’ll help you in predicting career trajectories, identifying potential high performers and developing talent retention and advancement programmes. Read more

Leadership Due Diligence – organisations are dynamic entities and as such, their leadership changes over time. We can help with defining and articulating leadership skills that are available and working with you to align these and identify gaps so that the organisational strategy can be achieved.

Talent Development in the Emerging Markets – We have in-depth experience and exposure to the development of both processes and individuals to ensure that organisations across the world have a sustained and fit for purpose talent pipeline. This can be through individual development, group work or structural changes. Read more