Talent in Emerging Markets

article-emerging-marketsEmerging markets are the engines of growth for many organisations across the globe. Additionally, organisations from these markets are reaching out and beginning to operate or consolidate their operation across the globe. It is becoming increasing difficult to neatly differentiate between ‘mature’ and ‘emerging’ markets from the perspective of operational output.

However, the challenges that organisations from emerging markets face, or those entering these markets with respect to talent and talent acquisition is notably different.

The search for talent, the spread of skills and the ability to predict succession planning over the course of years is a specialist challenge that requires both expertise and tenacity. A broad organisational perspective along with an understanding of individuals and their potential helps predict and define talent trends for organisations.

We have worked across Africa and the Middle East and had exposure to Latin American talent strategies. We can help you define the structure that will nurture the talent in house as well as define ways of growing succession pipelines to meet future needs and objectives.

Examples of talent acceleration initiatives projects in emerging markets are varied. One such initiative was for a FMCG organisation that operates across Africa. The work here included the definition of what is required to meet organisational objectives in disparate markets, the profiling of those seen to have potential and the development of the areas that are under-represented. This was done with use of multiple learning channels, from individual coaching to workshops as well as virtual learning techniques, such as web enabled systems. Allied benefits included the improvement of talent spotting abilities within markets. Additionally, the work created a community of empowered and enthusiastic individuals who are eager to progress and nurture talent within their markets to organisational ends.